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peine de coeur

Your ex has just left you and you feel sad and hopeless?

Did you imagine living your life with him (her) and suddenly find yourself alone in front of your grief?

If being fired is never easy, it is however possible to overcome your pain of love and to recover from it definitively.

Through this article, you will find the best advice to overcome a heartache.

Find the positive

The routine that sets in, a new meeting, permanent conflicts …

Whatever the reason (s) that led to the breakup with your ex, if this last one decided to end your romantic relationship, it’s obviously your couple no longer held the road, at least from his point of view.

Failing to recover it, we will have to accept it little by little! Firstly, shock and the grief are going to take over.

Maybe you even think your ex has made a mistake and will come back.

Yet the days go by and no sign of your loved one.

Maybe it’s time then, to accept the break, take a step back, take stock of your old relationship, but above all open your eyes to what was wrong with your couple.

Indeed, what good is it to hang on to someone who no longer loves you, or who may even have cheated on you?

Similarly, why stay with your ex when arguments have become your daily life, or when the proofs of love are becoming more and more rare?

In the end, althougha heartache doesn’t go away in a month, slowly realize that your ex may have done you a favor by breaking up with you and that this breakup marks the start of a new, more fulfilled life.

Stop the guilt

As often happens during the separation, your ex may have left you by blaming you your couple’s failure and finding you the worst faults, leaving you totally helpless, overwhelmed by remorse.

Difficult in this case, not to feel guilty!

However, remember that you are not the only one guilty of this failure.

Not only is it time to bring your ex down from the pedestal on which you placed him, but behind the harshness of his words and deeds, your ex may also be hiding great suffering and is probably looking to feel guilty.

No need to carry on your shoulders the full weight of the sinking of your relationship, even if that obviously does not prevent you from question you.

If you have transgressed all the prohibitions (repeated love letters, serenade at the bottom of his house, or threat of suicide), it is also useless to spend sleepless nights rehashing your mistakes.

Not only is « harm » done, but also remember that wanting to keep the person you love close to you is completely human. Exit therefore, the guilt !

Coping with loneliness

As difficult as it sounds, you will now have to cut ties with your ex. If loneliness is likely to be strongly felt in the first days, it should however make you realize that you can still live, laugh and have fun WITHOUT your ex.

Day after day, this brand new celibacy will also allow you to refocus on yourself and find the person you were before meeting your ex: someone great, able to bounce back and overcome a failure.

Finally, focus on the positive of your celibacy: the freedom to go out when you want, the end of conflicts or jealousy …

In any case and even if it may seem tempting to fill the void left by your ex, do not prematurely advance in a new romantic relationship.

The latter could again make you experience some disappointments …


Even if you still don’t see life in pink, it is now to recover from this broken heart and move on, once and for all.

If the breakup has turned you into a real « zombie », start by drying your tears and taking care of yourself again.

Get out of your house or apartment and take care of your body and mind through new activities.

If you have fallen into emotional dependence, it is also important to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, or take on projects that you had set aside during your romantic relationship.

In the end, prioritize what makes you happy, then, why not go in search of a new love?

Over time, you will realize that if this heartache did not kill you, it certainly made you stronger.

Marie Bernard

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